It is very important that you go through all the information on this site before signing up

​Private Information

Do not share your, telephone number, last name, job details, email, work or home addresses with anyone. Keep this information private.

​Impersonation does not conduct criminal background checks or identity verification. It is the responsibility of the user to ask questions and verify the person's background.

​Ask Questions

A serious user should feel comfortable answering questions about themselves.

A user should be able to answer where they grew up, which Christian community they belong too, which church they attend or affiliated with, and which people from the community they know. Make sure that you are actually communicating with a real person and not a scammer.


Anyone from the Middle Eastern Christian community should be able to explain their background. It should be possible to ask for a reference from the church they attend or their family attend or the church where they person been baptized.

​Scams like other sites will attract for the big majority serious people but unfortunately it might attract scammers too.

Common tricks are the scammer would pretend to be interested in you and would be asking for money in order to buy a ticket, arrange a travel visa or issue a passport in order to meet you up. Do not send any money at any occasion and contact our team immediately.

Meeting Up

Before you meet up it is recommended you video chat before e.g. Skype to verify that the person you seen in pictures really exist. Ask a lot of questions to find out if the person is serious.

Never meet anyone without letting a friend or family member first and share a picture of the person you are meeting up. Bring a male friend with you first time you meet anyone.

Always meet up in a safe pubic place with lot of people inside and never anywhere else whatever the excuse the person gives you. Do not accept offers to pick you up or drop you off to your home, make sure you arrange your own transportation.

If things do not feel alright leave immediately and make sure you are reachable by phone all the time.

Using the Website

Make sure you do not share your password with anyone and access the website from trusted computers only. Make sure you logout from the site once done.

​Alerting Us

In case you suspect anything out of ordinary, contact our team immediately. We continuously improving our processes in order to eliminate scammers. Users from high risk scam countries, users hiding behind proxy or users triggering our internal alert systems might be subject to spot checks and identity verification requests.