What is beta version?

Beta version means the website is still under continuous development and we try to add more features. We appreciate your feedback, reporting technical issues or suggestions how to improve the site

Are you a dating site?

No. We are a Christian friendship site for single Middle East Christians

Who can join?

You must be 18 years and of Middle Eastern Christian background.

‚ÄčI am not Christian, can I join?

We thank you for your interest and would suggest you to join other websites with broader target audience. Our website is based on Middle East Christian values and the all our members have Middle East Christian background and have joined us to specifically meet other Christians.

Is the site only for practicing Christians?

No, we welcome practicing, non-practicing and secular Christians but you need to embrace the Christian values and identify yourself as a Christian.

Is MiddleEastChristians.com a safe website?

We aim to create a pleasant environment for all our members but keep in mind anyone can claim to be someone they are not. We have also tried to implement several mechanisms in order to identify scammers. We do not conduct background checks on our members therefore common sense should be applied.

How can I join?

  1. sign up
  2. verify your email. A verification link is sent to your registration email
  3. wait for admin team to review your profile

Once your profile have been reviewed and approved you will be able access to site

I have not received my email verification email, what to do?

Check following:

  • add no-reply@middleeastchristians.com email to your contact list and mark it as safe email
  • Check your email junk and spam folder, the email could have been marked as spam
  • Try to logon your account using your email address and not your username to verify no mistyped address
  • If successfully logged on, read the instructions and request the verification email to be resent

How can I know if the person is who he/she claim they are?

MiddleEastChristians.com does not conduct background checks so common sense needs to be applied. Please read the advice sections for tips.

Someone is asking me for money, what should I do?

The internet is full of scammers and this website is not immune from it. If you anyone is requesting money from you, please make us aware of it immediately and we will deal with it.

Fraudsters use different stories trying to persuade people to send over money. Do NOT send to anyone money whatever the story is: money for Visa or Passport application, money for flight tickets are common scam stories

Do you verify user's backgrounds?

MiddleEastChristians.com does not verify the background or identity of the website users.

Someone is annoying me! What should I do?

You have the option to block the user profile and user will not be able to message you longer or view your profile. The admin team keeps track on users being blocked too often and will re-review their account status

I cannot find an earlier message sent to me

  • Either you deleted the message(s)
  • The sender user account have been blocked and all sent messages are not shown

Who do your share my data with?

Your data is never shared with anyone. Please notify us if anyone has contacted you claiming to represent MiddleEastChristians.com

My account was blocked, what can I do?

Our team reviews all profile and profile updates in order to keep a certain standard. If you profile was blocked, you cannot use same email to sign up again

What happens when a profile gets blocked?

When a profile gets blocked following happens:

  • User cannot logon to their account longer
  • All messages sent to other users will not be available or visible
  • Other users cannot view the profile longer
  • The profile does not appear in any search results
  • Blocked accounts do not get deleted

My account is blocked, can you please delete the account?

As security precaution blocked accounts do not get deleted and remain so indefinitely

My profile was rejected, what can I do?

Every profile gets reviewed to ensure that we exclude certain profiles which does not meet the minimum standard.

Your cannot register a new profile with same email immediately but as a security precaution you have to wait a certain time period before your email is allowed to be reused.

Use another email in the meantime and take time entering correct profile data. Please make sure your read all instructions and terms of service before trying signing up again

Some of the reason a profile gets rejected is following:

  • Chosen wrong gender, woman registered as man or the other way around
  • Entered contact information in the profile field e.g. phone number, email or other contact details
  • Spam content
  • Advertising content
  • Abusive and insulting content
  • Provocative content
  • Political statements
  • All text written in uppercase

Is it allowed to register multiple accounts for same person?

No it is not. It is in breach with the terms and conditions of the site to have multiple accounts and considered a dishonest behaivour and all your accounts will be blocked

I chose the wrong gender when signing up, what can I do?

Choose to delete your account and use a new email to sign up. As security precaution account deletion does not occur immediately

I updated my profile but I cannot see my changes applied?

Certain profile updates requires admin team re-review. A profile change might be rejected or approved and in case its in breach of the terms and conditions to account closure. Approved profile changes gets applied immediately.

I forgot the answer to my security question, what to do?

Your should have received your security question and answer automatically once your profile have been reviewed first time. Also we send these details via email automatically for each profile update we review